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SB Grey Wool Skirt Tartan Upcycle FRONT.




Gold leaf freeform bead_drop detail bead


Kia ora, welcome to the Reefton Design Studio.

We are a small studio/gallery located in Reefton, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

The studio/gallery houses a varied range of work, it is an 'art hub' for one off artwork, sculpture, jewellery, handcrafted cards, ceramics and reconstructed fashion.  We boast a large range of resale designer clothing from all around the world.

One of the popular items sold at the studio are the "bottled lights" recycled bottles from the award winning local Reefton Distilling Co, and other recycled bottles are used. Unique decanters and specialty bottles are also bought and up-cycled with seed lights, USB powered and copper wire sourced from washing machine motors from the recycling centre. Each 'Bottled Light" is unique and prices vary depending on what bottle is used. The 'Biddy' bottle is a standard bottle sold and is $59.00 + postage. Decanters and specialty bottle orders range from $65.00 +postage upwards depending on size and length of lights and copper used in order.

To purchase a bottled light please email Rachel at to discuss your order.


Lamp-work beads, earrings and necklaces are all made in the studio, featuring gold leaf. There is a collection of New Zealand prints for sale. Originals on canvas and board are for sale with new designs added every month. Enjoy the site and visit the Blog if you would like to make any comments.

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Bottled Light Display 2021.jpg

'Bottled Light' decanter             'Bottled Light' Biddy bottle                    'Bottled Lights' selection of bottles for sale

Example of a "Bottled Light' Decanter - One off order (SOLD)

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